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Knowledge of foreign languages is becoming more and more of a necessity with each day. It is no longer enough to know English to gain an advantage when applying for jobs. Employers tend to welcome employees who speak multiple languages and who can help them forge business contacts in various markets. Depending on your specialization, Italian could become a valuable addition to your CV.

There are a few reasons why last century saw the rise of the study of Italian as a foreign language. Besides being recognized as the most melodic language on the planet, Italian is believe to be the easiest of the European languages to learn. Historically it is also the language of Art, History and Fashion and for most professionals working in these spheres knowledge of Italian is essential. Although Italian language is currently taught in most countries of the world, the quickest and most pleasant way of learning it would be, of course, in Italy.

Studying Italian in Italy is never going to be boring. A trip to Italy is always an adventure and a promise of meeting interesting people and making new friends. Learning Italian language in Italy is also a great way to experience Italian culture, its cuisine, traditions and art. Besides Italy, Italian can be studied in Switzerland, where Italian is one of the four official languages. Here, you would be able to practice your Italian daily, while exploring the Alps, enjoying walks in the deep forests and spending your afternoons on the lakes.

A popular way to learn Italian is to combine Italian language courses with hobbies and activities. Italian language schools offer a large variety of Italian + hobby courses. For instance, if you have interest in Italian Fashion you can choose an Italian + Fashion course or Italian + Make-Up sessions. Foodies would love Italian + Italian cuisine courses, where after sessions of Italian students receive master classes in Italian cuisine by Italian chefs. Art Lovers might be interested in Italian + Art History courses and these, who could like to try themselves at making art could enroll in Italian + Drawing/Sculpture course. Besides hobby courses, Italian can be tough in Business Italian combination or as a set of individual lessons. Students who are interested in applying to one of Italy’s universities might need to complete a course in Academic Italian.

Whatever is your reason for learning this beautiful language, knowledge of Italian will enhance your travels, aid your business and help you to broad your horizons. Whether you are a scholar, a fashionista, an art admirer, a businessman or simply an ardent traveler, studying Italian in one of the language schools of Switzerland or Italy will help you to acquire Italian language skills, making it a memorable and fun experience.

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