For partners

Welcome to Class Advice, a new online booking system that allows Russian-speaking students to search, book and compare thousands of language courses around the world. Currently our Russian catalogue lists over a thousand language courses and the numbers are growing every day.

Our project was inspired by famous on-line booking services, which allows users to share their experience and create further bookings on the merit of fair reviews left by other users. All students are invited to review the school they have visited and create recommendations for other students, placing top-ranked schools on top of the search list

About us

Class Advice is a project of Apect agency which was developed with the aim of assisting Russian-speaking clients of the CIS market, many of whom have difficulties understanding English and choose therefore to book language courses through agents. All our managers have solid experience of working with students on the CIS market and with education providers worldwide. Therefore, when designing our booking-system we have taken into consideration specific difficulties characteristic of the region such as language barrier, mentality, payment methods and visa support requirements. Each school and course listed on our website is described individually by our staff and only after that the course is included in the booking system. Please note, that Class Advice does not charge clients for the services and receives revenue entirely through school commission.

Why work with us

We believe that our online service has potential to attract a large amount of new customers from CIS region and become a leading online language-course booking service for the region. We also believe that our services can complement your student recruitment efforts, extending your market penetration in the CIS countries.

How to become a partner

To add your school to our booking system we would need a signed Right of Representation/Agent Agreement between your organization and Aspect agency.

Media materials and reviews

In order to present your school in the best possible manner we would sometimes request the permission to use your photo and video marketing materials. The above mentioned materials will be used for promotion of your courses on our web-site and affiliated media (such as our blog and our social media pages).

We encourage our partners to ask their Russian-speaking students to leave a review of their experience on a related school-page. As our results page displays schools with best/most ratings first, this will add to the visibility of your school on our page.


To become part of our system please contact our Strategy Director Mrs Larysa Neklyudova at [email protected].

Still have questions?

Contact us and we will answer all your remaining questions.