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English is the famed language of William Shakespeare, Lord Byron, Jane Austen, Mark Twain, F. Scott Fitzgerald and many others. Being the third most spoken language in the world after Chinese and Spanish, English is nevertheless the language that dominates in business as well as in politics and arts. As the global language of travel, English is the key that unlocks the world and leads the way to building a successful international career.

Studying English abroad is more effective as it gives you a chance to fully submerge in the language and culture environment. Although English is a very diverse and rich language, studying it in a non-English speaking environment cannot provide you with everything that is needed to speak English freely and with confidence.

Studying English abroad could be a unique opportunity. Language schools in the UK, US, Canada and Ireland offer a wide variety of courses designed especially so that foreigners could learn English in the quickest, the simplest and the most efficient way. Unknown to most, English for foreigners is also widely taught in less traditional locations, such as Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus, Malta, Singapore, South Africa and Goa, India.

Learning English abroad: advantages

Of course there are numerous advantages to learning English abroad. Besides getting an education, you also get to experience living in another country and another culture. Such insight will help you understand how other people think and will enrich you with new experience and knowledge. In many countries English language courses are designed in such way that would allow you to combine studying with taking trips, sightseeing and doing sports. Some programs would even allow you to work up to twenty hours a week.

While studying English abroad you are guaranteed not only to better your English but to meet new people and make many new friends. Modern learning programs are designed for an all-round development of conversational skills, as well as for vocabulary enrichment and literacy perfection.

Study English abroad and it is certain to become an important step on your path to success, unlocking countless doors and opportunities for you in the future.

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