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Although there are many dialects of Chinese, foreigners study Standard Chinese, which is often referred to in English as “Mandarin”. Mandarin is the official language of the People Republic of China, as well as Taiwan. It is also one of the four official languages of Singapore. With Chinese economy holding the position of second largest economy in the world, studying Chinese recently came forth as the most prominent tool for rapid advancement of one’s future career.

If you come to think about it you will not find it surprising. One of five people in the world already speaks Chinese. Beside China Mandarin is spoken in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Technological and economic advancement of China ensures the growing buyers potential of its citizens and allows Chinese to travel around the world and spread their culture. It is no wonder that employees who speak Mandarin are sought after by employers worldwide.

However learning Chinese is not the easiest task. Besides the difficulties in pronunciation one has to learn to read and write between 900 and 2,500 characters. Taking in the account the difficulty of mastering this language, language schools of China, Malaysia, Singapore etc created special programs that aim at teaching Chinese to foreigners. Short courses can last for as long as a month and could be combined with summer break for students and month-long vacation for adults. Such courses will help you gain the basis of Chinese grammar and allow you to start communicating in Chinese. These, who can afford to spend more time learning Chinese might be interested in longer courses, which can last between a few month and a year, allowing you to learn the language in a more profound manner.

Besides being the most effecting way to learn Chinese, studying Mandarin in China will help you gain understanding of this complex culture. This will not only help you understand the language and learn in faster, but will also be an essential for conducting business with Chinese partners in the future.

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