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Resent research established that Portuguese has become the sixth most spoken language in the world. Today more than 230 million people claim Portuguese as their native language. Currently Portuguese is spoken on four continents: Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia. This means that Portuguese is spoken more than French, German or Italian. Portuguese has also been rated as third most rapidly developing European language (with English and Spanish holding the lead). This data places Portuguese in a prominent position, which makes studying this language worthy of your efforts. Another significant reason to study Portuguese is the rapid development of the Brazilian economy, which currently holds the position of the eighth largest economy in the world. According to some estimates, by 2050 half a billion people will be communicating in Portuguese.

Portuguese language is relatively easy to learn for these who already know some Spanish as these two languages have similar grammar. Besides, basic Portuguese grammar is easy enough to learn even for these who have no knowledge of Spanish and a few weeks spent in a language school would enable you to start conversing in this language.

Portuguese can be studied either in the country of its origin, Portugal, or in Brazil. Although there are certainly differences between the dialects spoken in Portugal and Brazil, they mostly have to do with the pronoun vos and with pronunciation. For instance, Brazilians tend to stretch their vowels where Portuguese will swallow them. All in all it is still the same language and where you should go to study it depends entirely on your preferences. Culturally rich Portugal attracts students with its golden beaches, delicious food, beautiful architecture and its comparatively low prices. Exotic Brazil has many advantages, among which are world’s most beautiful beaches, carnivals, friendly people and unique experience of living in Latin America.

Types of courses

A large variety of courses is offered by language schools of Portugal and Brazil. Standard courses offered by all language schools will suit the needs of these who are just starting to learn Portuguese, as well as these who already have some language skills and need to develop them further. These, who need specialized Portuguese, should look for individual courses. Such courses will help you to further develop your vocabulary and fill it with correct terminology used in medicine, finances, jurisprudence etc.

If you are looking for unforgettable experiences we suggest to take a closer look at hobby courses, such as Portuguese + surfing or Portuguese + soccer. Many schools will be happy to find you a volunteering position if your vocation is to help others. Students who wish to enter a university in Portugal need to pass PLE or EPLE and the best way to prepare for these exams would be to take one of specialized courses. Whatever your reason for learning Portuguese is, knowledge of this language will help you to develop contacts with Portugal and Brazil, developing a truly international business for your company.

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