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Knowledge of foreign languages is a useful and practical skill. Today this skill is most widely used to facilitate travelling. However, this skill will also help you to receive a great education, learn more about foreign cultures, make new friend and further develop your career. Every language you will learn is sure to open doors to countless opportunities. It can be an internship in an international companies or even full-time employment abroad. If the language is difficult and hard to learn, mastering such language will certainly make your CV stand out.

Such is Arabic language, fifth most commonly spoken native language in the world. Spoken in more than 20 countries in the world by 300 million native speakers, Arabic is certainly a very promising language to learn. For the past fifty years Arabic countries have been rapidly developing, enlarging their economies tenfold and rising splendid cities in the desert. Such growth requires additional workforce and foreign specialists are frequently hired to fill in prestigious and well-paid positions in oil-rich countries.

Where to learn Arabic

Arabic is spoken across the countries of Middle East, Northern Africa and Asia. Because of the large scope of the territory, there are certainly differences in dialects. Traditionally, the purest form of Arabic is considered to be spoken in Morocco and in the Emirates, although most language schools teach Standard Arabic, which is understood by all Arabs.

These who want to study Arabic abroad would be glad to learn that there are numerous language schools across the countries of Arab League that teach Arabic to foreign students. Such courses help students to master Arabic script, as well as Arabic grammar and
pronunciation. Most programs will take students with no previous knowledge of Arabic, although these who already possess certain language skills and need to deepen their knowledge would find numerous courses that will help them do so. Among Arabic language
programs Business Arabic can be singled out as such that attracts students, executives and businessman who need Arabic to conduct business with powerful Arabic countries.

Most courses offer activity programs alongside language studies. Activities are especially selected by schools in order to acquaint students with the culture and everyday life of Arabic countries. These programs normally include excursions, visits to shopping malls, museums and traditional dinners at local restaurants.

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