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The best way to study Czech is to study it in Czech Republic. Czech belongs to the West branch of the Slavic language group and is therefore closely related to Polish, Slovenian and Russian. Unlike Russians, infamous for their use of Cyrillic alphabet Czech use Latin script. This makes Czech much easier to master than Russian.

If you have decided to study Czech most likely you would like to consider Czech language courses in Prague, famous for its gothic cathedrals and beautiful architecture. The capital of Czech Republic offers many attractions, thousands of bars and restaurants. Prague is also a university city. As numerous students live in the capital, Prague’s night life is one of the most diverse in the country. When choosing a language school in Prague remember that this is a very touristy city and that you might be hearing your native speech on every corner.

Luckily, Czech language can be studied all over the country. Karlovy Vary, Podebrady and Marianske Lazne are the famous spa towns, where you can spend time drinking mineral waters, while studying Czech. Brno is the second largest city of Czech Republic and the capital of Moravia. Here you will find numerous attractions and various language courses organized by private schools and Universities. Ostrava is the third largest city, the home of the best Czech polytechnic university and a large industrial engineering center.

Tuition in Czech universities is free for foreigners, but knowledge of Czech is mandatory. These who want to receive European education inexpensively will be smart to invest their time and money in learning Czech.

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