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In recent years studies of Polish as foreign language spiked in popularity. Since joining the European Union in 2005 Poland has experienced steady economic growth and managed to establish itself an important market within the EU. Polish companies have been actively opening international branches of their companies and promoting their language and culture abroad. For these reasons employees with Polish language skills are currently in demand both inside and outside of Poland.

The ever welcoming Poland attracts more and more foreigners to its universities too. These who wish to receive their degree from a Polish university are required to learn Polish. Polish also comes useful for these working in IT, commerce and finances as well as for these who work in arts and culture and travelling industries. As travelling industry booms the demand for entrepreneurs has grown too.

Polish language courses

Polish can be studied in many countries outside of Poland but students who study Polish in Poland achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time. Polish is closely related to other Slavic languages and can be especially easy to learn for speakers whose native language belongs to the same language family. One of the main difficulties for these who already understand the structure of Polish grammar can be correct pronunciation. This is why these who want to learn to speak Polish and to grow their vocabulary are recommended to study Polish in Poland.

Most Polish language schools are located in large towns known as big tourist destinations, such as Wrocław, Kraków, Gdańsk, Warsaw, Poznań and Lublin. Yearly Kraków, Poland’s second largest town attracts close to 9 million tourists. In the year 2000 Kraków with its 28 museums has been named as the European Capital of Culture. Studying language in a city like that you are sure to meet interesting people and expand your cultural horizons.

Studying Polish in Poland you will not fail to notice how friendly Polish people are with foreigners. Locals will gladly help you to practice your Polish and expand your vocabulary.

Besides, active communication with locals will facilitate your integration in the community, perfect your accent and help you to acquire new friends.

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