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Without a doubt, German language will become a significant addition to any CV. Nowadays, German is actively taught in most European high-schools because it is widely accepted as the language of scientific research; it is also the language of some of the world's most prominent works on philosophy, economics, literature and art. For these reasons knowledge of German is sometimes valued even more than knowledge of English.

A well-developed program is crucial for learning German. Such program should combine basic package of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Because of difficulties connected with German grammar and pronunciation, the surest way to learn German is to study it in one of the German-speaking countries, such as Germany, Austria ir Switzerland. Submerged in the language environment, students quickly learn to converse with locals on everyday topics and can be expected to start speaking German in a matter of two or three weeks.

Studying German language in Europe is also a good opportunity to learn more about the culture of German-speaking countries. World-famous historical sites, castles, palaces, churches, fountains and museums are found in abundance in culturally-rich Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Here you would be able to sample the local cuisine, visit local wineries, try the famous Bavarian sausages and discover your favorite local beer brewery. You can book your course to coincide in time with the famous October fest or rent a car and spend your weekends exploring charming little villages, which seem to come straight out of the Grimm Brothers’ fairy-

German language courses

Language schools offer a large variety of German language courses. Summer courses, for example, were created to coincide with students’ summer vacations as to not interfere with their studies. Short language programs are available throughout the year, although these, who are planning to entry into one of German, Swiss or Austrian universities, will be interested in one-year German language courses. Such courses are aimed at deepening students’ language skills and preparing them for academic studies.

Whichever option of learning German you might choose, you will experience a significant improvement of you language skills at the end of the course. Knowledge of this language will later come useful to you on many occasions. Even if you don’t plan to receive further academic education, knowledge of German will enable you to read many European classics in the language of the original, travel through Europe and communicate with your business partners.

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