Neklyudova Larysa

Founder of Class Advise with 25 years of experience

Larysa Neklyudova is the founder of the company and a leading international education consultant with 25 years of experience. Larysa formed her first study abroad company, going to England in 1995 to study English with a small group of students. With the ClassAdvise project, Larysa realizes her long-standing dream of creating a simple and understandable Internet resource that allows you to book language courses quickly and at no additional cost. Larysa is fluent in English, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian, lives between three countries: Ukraine-Spain-Great Britain, writes her blog on studying abroad and plans to study Catalan and French.


Educational adviser, booking manager

Yuliia is an educational adviser, booking manager. Responsible for cooperation with the best language schools in the world, monitors website content and administrates bookings for ClassAdvise clients to language schools. An expert in international education with many years of experience, Yuliia herself studied English abroad, and understands all the problems that arise on the way of international students. Yuliia is fluent in English, Russian, Ukrainian, studies German and dreams of mastering Korean.


Program coordinator

Marina is a program coordinator. Marina has studied several foreign languages since childhood, attending language schools in England, France and Spain. She began working in the international education sphere at the age of eighteen, as a student at Kiev University, and, soon, she herself decided to study abroad. In just 8 months, she learned Dutch. She knows from her own experience which efforts it takes for students to learn a foreign language from scratch. She received her Bachelor's degree from University of Leiden_ Holland and her Master's degree at from University of London, UK. Among her unforgettable memories are the time spent in language schools in France, Spain and Argentina. Marina lives and works in London, is fluent in English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Ukrainian and Russian, studies Italian, travels actively, and shares her experience in ClassAdvise’s blog.

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