Terms and conditions

General provisions

Website www.languagestudyadvisor.com (hereinafter referred to as “The Site”) was created to facilitate selection and booking process of language courses abroad (hereinafter referred to as “The Services”). This Site as well as other domains connected with this Site, is operated by Study Advisor Ltd. Terms “we”, “our” and “Study Advisor” are used to designate Study Advisor Ltd, registered in Ireland at: 44 Tullow St, Carlow. Terms “you” and “student” are used to designate out clients, which use our Site to create language course bookings. Terms “school” and “partners” are used to designate our partners – language schools, services of which (“course”, “accommodation”) are booked by a student via our Site.

This Terms and Conditions (“The Terms”) are an agreement of our cooperation. All our services are rendered exclusively on the ground hereof. Please read carefully below mentioned provisions before using our Site. Please note that we reserve the right to amend the Terms without prior notice and you are kindly requested to check the Terms before making new booking.

Usage of the Study Advisor website presumes your complete agreement with our Terms. Breach of website terms of use will be considered as dissolution of our agreement. These Terms, along with our services rendering, are governed by Irish law. Relationships of students and schools are governed by individual school Statute (rules and regulations). By booking language courses via our Site you undertake to observe school Statutes.

We aspire to provide you with the best services at the lowest prices. If you have any questions regarding our services or regarding the Terms, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Site use

1.1 Site license agreement

By using this Site, you guarantee that you are entitled to enter legally binding relations and you will use the Site for creation of genuine bookings. You undertake to submit only genuine information to Study Advisor employees and confirm that all data submitted by you on our site is true and correct.

1.2 Amendment of course descriptions and prices

Prices and course descriptions, indicated on Study Advisor website, are provided in accordance with prices established by schools. Study Advisor reserves the right to amend course descriptions and prices in accordance with amendments made by our partners.

2. Description of Services

Study Advisor Ltd does not own or operate language schools, does not provide accommodation and acts exclusively as an intermediate between students and language schools. As an intermediate agent Study Advisor does not bear responsibility for quality of the services rendered by our partners or for possible damage borne by the student in the consequence of rendered services’ usage. All disputes and claims about services rendered by our partners shall be settled by the parties directly.

3. Booking

3.1. Booking and payment procedure

In order to check availability of selected course you are requested to effect an advance payment in the amount of 10% of total booking amount. Such advance payment is an obligatory condition without which your booking request will not be considered. The advance payment can be effected in two ways: by means of wire transfer or by credit card on secured site of our bank. Choice of payment option is provided on the second booking page after you confirm that you have acknowledged and accepted our Terms or specific school terms and conditions, if such exist. After booking is paid, a booking confirmation containing cancelation and refund policies will be sent to your e-mail address. If you choose the wire transfer payment option your booking confirmation will also contain an invoice and payment instructions. You are requested to pay the invoice within 5 days from the date of booking. If we do not receive the advance payment after 5 days, your booking will be cancelled.

After the advance payment is received, our consultant will get in touch with the school and ask to confirm availability of selected course and accommodation. Then we will send you a confirmation and an invoice for the balance due. If a school cannot confirm availability of your selected course, our consultant will offer you other options. If offered options do not satisfy you, your advance payment will be refunded to you. Please be advised that bank commissions are non-refundable.

Your place on the course will not be reserved until we receive confirmation that the remaining 90% of payment was received by our partners. Full payment shall be effected within 30 days prior to studies' start and before visa application is made. If booking is made in less than a month prior to studies' start, then the payment shall be effected immediately after we have confirmed availability of your chosen course and accommodation. Due to currency fluctuations, all payments are effected in the currency of the school. If full payment is not effected prior to studies’ start, your order will be cancelled. In this case, refund will be processed according to the special Terms and Conditions of the school. If your order is cancelled, you will not be able to attend classes.

Study Advisor recommends you to withhold from booking flights and hotels until full payment has been received by our partners and your place on the course has been confirmed. Student who require a visa to attend the language course of their choosing are strongly recommend to make bookings no less than 8 weeks before the course start date.

3.2. Health condition

Student undertakes to inform about his or her diseases (including, allergies, chronic diseases) that may prevent him or her from completing the course and that could constitute a risk for school employees and students. School reserves the right to bar a student from attending classes and preliminary terminate their studies if student’s health condition constitutes a risk for him or her, school employees or students. In this case reimbursement will be effected depending on school rules and regulations.

3.3. Additional services

Air tickets, medical expenses, travelling expenses, telephone conservations, accommodation change, exam fees, visa processing fees, courier delivery of documents, etc. are not included in the course price and will be covered neither by the school nor by Study Advisor. By booking additional services with Study Advisor, the student undertakes to borne such expenses.

3.4. Currency converter

Currency converter on our Site is provided for your guidance only and might not reflect actual currency conversion. Payment of all bookings is effected in the currency of the school.

3.5. Bank expenses

All bank commissions shall be borne by the student.

3.6. Booking terms and conditions for persons under 18 years

All students, who have not reached the age of license are to submit written consent for study signed by parents. In some cases, students, who have not reached the age of 19, may require a legal guardian. In such instance, the student undertakes to provide all necessary information and pay related expenses. Upon school’s request, minor student undertakes to accept accommodation type foreseen by the school for minor students and pay for airport transfer.

4. Medical insurance

All students are requires to hold medical and travel insurances valid in the country of their destination regardless of the duration of the course, visa type or country. Please be advised that no students will be enrolled in a course without a proof of a valid insurance policy. Insurance policy acquisition is a liability of the student. Study Advisor recommends students to purchase insurance policy from the list of insurance companies approved by the embassy of their destination country.

We also draw your attention to the fact that school insurance policy that can be purchased on the Study Advisor Site during booking, is issued directly before arrival to school and therefore cannot be used by students for visa application.

5. Visa

Obtaining a valid visa to the country of studies is the liability of the student. All students are required to hold a passport valid for the full period or study that expires not less than 6 months after completion of the course. Study Advisor undertakes to provide students with full informational visa support. However, Study Advisor does not bear responsibility for student’s visa processing and does not accompany students to the embassy. If you need additional help with your visa application and would like for someone to accompany you to the embassy, you can use the services of our regional representative office that will prepare your visa application for an extra charge. List of regional representatives will be made available to you after we receive the 10% booking fee. Please note that regional representative offices are not owned by the Study Advisor Ltd, thereby Study Advisor does not bear responsibility for their operation.

After full payment has been received, your school will send a Letter of Acceptance, an original of which is required for obtaining a visa to the country of your studies. Expenses for the delivery of the Letter of Acceptance shall be borne by the student.

6. Cancellation, booking modification and money return

6.1. Modification

Any modification to your booking shall be made no less than 30 days prior to the course start date. If modifications are made less than 30 days prior to the course start day additional charges may apply. Such charges are defined be the special terms and condition of the school made available to you during the booking. If a student wishes to change his or her program additional payment may be required in order to cover for value difference. Payment for additional weeks of tuition, medical insurance and accommodation in case of course extension shall be borne by the student.

6.2. Course cancellation

“Cancellation” presumes cancellation of course prior to the course start date. In case of course cancellation, we ask you to inform us as quickly as possible and no later than 30 days prior to the course start date. In the event of course cancellation certain fees, such as registration fee, courier delivery fee and other unrecoverable fees about which the student is informed during the booking will not be refunded. Additional penalties for course cancellation if such exist will be indicated in special conditions of the school. It is the responsibility of the student to read them before making any bookings. Study Advisor and partners do not bear responsibility for cases in which student has agreed to but did not take time to read the special terms and conditions of school. If a course is canceled less than 30 days prior to the course start date refund will be processed according to the special terms and conditions of the school. If a course is canceled less than 14 days prior to the course start date Study Advisor will withhold the 10% booking fee in full. Refund of the remaining sum is processed according to the special terms and conditions of the school.

6.3. Annulation of course after arrival

If the student annuls the course after arrival to the country of his or her studies, the school reserves the right to deduct payment for the course and for accommodation; booking fee in such case is not refundable. If the school provided visa assistance to the student the school is entitled to inform immigration services about course cancellation. This may result in visa cancellation and subsequent deportation.

6.4. Course booking cancellation in case of visa denial

If you receive visa refusal you shall inform Study Advisor within 7 days and not later than 14 days prior to the course start date. Your refund will be processed upon submission of the original letter of visa refusal. In such case, the student will receive all money excluding non-recoverable fees. If Study Advisor and partners are informed about visa refusal less than 14 days prior to the course start date, money refund will be processed according to the terms and conditions of the school. Timely notification about visa refusal is an obligation and a liability of a student. If you visa is refused to you due to false documents submission you will not be liable for a refund.

7. Education

7.1. Attendance/absence rate

Study Advisor and partners will make no refund for missed classes and late arrival. If the student misses 10 days in a row (Great Britain), attends less than 80% of classes (USA/Australia), does not arrive for the course start date and gives no prior notice of late arrival the school may inform immigration services. In this case your visa will be cancelled and you may be deported from the country. It is therefore the responsibility of the student to attend classes and to timely notify the school about missed classes. Study Advisor and partners will bear no responsibility for the breech of immigration rules by the student.

7.2. Study materials

Schools may charge additional fees for the use of study materials. Such charges depend on the school and are to be borne by the student.

7.3. Certificate issuance

The school reserves the right to refuse course certificate if the student did not meet education requirements, failed to pay tuition fees or did not attend classes.

7.4. Course amendment by provider

The school reserves the right to amend the course, change course start date and course teachers at its own discretion. Money will be refunded in accordance with the terms and conditions of the school. The school also reserves the right to modify prices in cases that are considered to be beyond school’s control, such as increase of taxation or adoption of specific legislative decrees.

7.5. Holidays

The majority of schools do not give classes on national holidays. If the holiday falls on Monday, the course start date will be postponed to Tuesday. The school will not reimburse funds for classes that are cancelled due to a national holiday.

7.6. Force-majeure

Study Advisor and partners do not bear responsibility in cases of force majeure, such as natural disaster, fire, strike, governmental coup, etc. due to which Study Advisor and partners cannot fulfill their obligations under the contract.

8. Accommodation

Accommodation is booked from Saturday or Sunday prior to the course start date until Saturday or Sunday morning of the end date. All other cases and additional days shall be discussed directly with the school.

Accommodation cancellation shall be carried out not later than 14 days prior to the course start date. In case of accommodation cancellation in less than 14 days prior to the course start date the school reserves the right to levy a penalty against the student in the amount of one week of accommodation cost. In case of accommodation cancellation less than 48 hours prior to studies’ start, the school reserves the right to levy a penalty against the student in the amount of four weeks of accommodation cost or in full, if the accommodation was booked less than four weeks prior to studies’ start.

Deposit and late arrival

Recoverable deposit can be charged upon student’s arrival to the place of residence. Deposit amount is established by the school. Deposits will not be refunded in case of loss and damage to the property.

9. Transfer

If you book school transfer service via our Site, you are kindly requested to submit all your flight details not later than 7 days prior to arrival. Upon arrival you shall look for a driver who will care a plate with your name or school name. Please be aware that the school reserves the right to charge additional fees if your flight is delayed.

10. Responsibility

Study Advisor and partners do not bear responsibility for damages and loss borne due to student’s negligence or any law infringements.

10.1. ​​​​​​​Confidentiality

We respect your confidentiality and protect it. You data will not be transferred to third part without your consent, except in cases foreseen by the law of Ireland. We use your personal data only to enroll you for the course and to issue necessary documents for the visa application.

10.2. Right for feedback, photo and video materials

Study Advisor and partners reserve the right to use students’ photos, videos and feedback in print and digital form for marketing purposes only.

10.3. Copyright and intellectual property

All software and site content are intellectual property of Study Advisor Ltd and its partners and cannot be reproduced without its written consent. Reselling, copying, downloading, using or reproducing any information provided on this Site for competitive commercial activities is prohibited.

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