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Spanish language is the second most spoken language in the world. Nearly half a billion people call Spanish their native language and this number is predicted to grow.

Nowadays Spanish is studied for numerous reasons. To begin with, Spanish-speaking Central and South American countries form a vital market which is rapidly growing and expanding. This means that Spanish language is the key that gives access to international expansion for businesses as well as to the market of growing employment opportunities. The global reach that Spanish has means that Spanish is also acquiring growing cultural significance. Learning Spanish you learn the language of Columbus discoveries, the poetry of Pablo Neruda, the magic of Gabriel Garcia Marques, the rhythms of salsa and the songs of glorious football victories.

For all these reasons Spanish courses are widely taught all over the world. Most likely you can learn Spanish without leaving your hometown. Nevertheless, you will never have the same depth of experience and same level of progress as you would learning Spanish among native-speakers. Choosing to learn Spanish is Spain or Latin America will significantly improve your language skills and become a truly unforgettable vacation. Spanish language courses are offered in abundance if such Mediterranean cities as Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga and Marbella as well as in exotic and beautiful Latin-American countries: Columbia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, Chili, Peru etc.

Learning Spanish in Spanish-speaking countries has a number of important benefits as both Spanish people and Latin-Americans are sociable and welcoming. Even if your level of Spanish is still very basic the locals will look to involve you in some sort of conversation, be it on a street, in the bar or at the market.

Spanish language courses are run by accredited schools and the quality of education is controlled by the state or by private associations. Schools in Spain and Latin America tend to use same textbooks and teaching methods and differ only by dialects.

Practice shows that these who spend time in a place that they’ve long to visit, show better and faster improvement of their language skills. Have you always dreamt to learn tango? Maybe you desire is to see Machu Picchu? Do you want to serf? Do sounds of flamenco move you? Study Advisor recommends: when choosing the country to learn Spanish, base your choice on your interests. You won’t regret it!

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