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Japan is a beautiful country with an incredibly rich and diverse culture as well as thousands years of history. Although territorially Japan is very small, its economy is the third largest in the world. Japan is frequently named as the most innovative country in the world as its manufacturing mostly focuses on electronic and automobile manufacturing.

Japan actively exports its goods and culture all over the world. Whichever country you live in, this is a good chance you see Toyota and Honda cars driving past sushi restaurants on the streets of your city. You might even own a Canon camera and when you were a kid you were probably watching Japanese cartoons when you came home from school. With Japanese GDP measuring at nearly five trillion US dollars a year Japan remains one of the most perspective markets in the world and many companies seek to form partnerships or open branches of their companies in Japan.

For these who remain fascinated with Japanese culture and want to do business with Japan, Japanese language is a must. Although nowadays Japanese can be studied nearly in any country the surest way to learn Japanese is to study it in a language school in Japan. Not only will this ensure fast progress in learning, but it will also acquaint students with the Japanese culture, their etiquette and outlook on the world.

Studying Japanese in Japan

Because Japanese writing system is rather complex Japanese is widely considered to be one of the most difficult languages to learn. This is however not entirely true. Japanese grammar is quite simple as Japanese nouns know no genders and even no plural forms. Besides, in Japanese there are only two tenses, one present one past and a small amount of irregular verbs. As to writing, foreigners usually start learning Japanese writing much in the same way and Japanese kids do at school. That is by learning the 46 characters of Hiragana system. In Hiragana system each character represents a different sound much like the letters of the Latin alphabet do.

Japanese language courses in Japan vary in length and in the focus of their programs. Some courses focus on developing students’ oral skills and building their vocabulary, others focus on writing. There are also special courses for these who need Japanese for business that make emphasis on business language vocabulary and business etiquette. Language programs can last for as little as two weeks and for as long as an academic year. The longer the course the more progress the student will make in mastering Japanese.

Study Japanese in Japan and step into the world of the wonderful Japanese culture.

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