Activity-based Language Courses

When it comes to arranging our holidays we are often torn: what country should we visit? Should we do something useful, learn a new language, do some sports, or have a beach holiday? Activity-based language courses offer a solution to this problem. Activity-based courses are sometimes called hobby + language courses because such courses offer a combination of Standard Language Course with a certain after-class activity taught in the language that you are studying. Activities largely depend on the area, where the school is situated and on the culture of the region. For example in France many schools offer French and Culinary classes and in Bordeaux there is a very popular combination of French language courses with wine tastings and enology classes.

However, Language and Culinary courses are not limited to France. Culinary classes are offered alongside Spanish language courses in Spain and Latin America, as well as alongside Italian in Italy and Portuguese in Brazil.

If you are looking to experience the best of Brazilian culture you can take Portuguese + soccer, Portuguese + samba or Portuguese + surfing. Surfing classes can also be taken as an activity alongside language courses in France, Brazil and Portugal. Of course, activity-based courses are not limited to surfing. Diving and wind-surfing lovers can practice their skills while learning Spanish and French in various countries and golf lovers can take up Spanish + Golf in Spain.

Dancing is a very popular after-class activity. These who love dancing would love an opportunity to lean Spanish and Tango in Buenos Aires or take Spanish and Salsa courses in Spain. Besides, Spain offers a combination of Spanish + Flamenco, a fiery dance which is traditionally danced in the south of Spain.

Italian language schools offer activity-based language courses which are traditionally dominated by Fashion, Cuisine and Art. These who want to experience Italy would certainly appreciate Italian and Art History course in Florence, while these who enjoy crafts can try themselves at art by choosing Italian + Sculpture or Italian + Drawing.

Activity-based course is the best way to learn a language because students get to practice the language they are learning while doing what they love. Whether you will be instructed by a ski instructor or a drawing teacher, you are surely to be taught by someone who has great passion for what they do and considerable experience of teaching foreigners.

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